Past Puppies

I am blessed daily to have my clients send me update pictures of their babies.  It truly makes me smile when they love them and take such good care of them.  I believe this is my purpose in life when my babies can make people happy.  Thank you all. 🙂



Thank you Stephanie for sending me an update picture of Knox.  He is 1 today.  Happy Birthday Buddy!







Thank you Cesar for sending me an update picture of Boo.  Such a lovely boy!








Thank you Becky for sending me an update picture of Bessie aka Betsy.  Thank you so much for loving her.  She is beautiful!











This is Stephanie’s boy Knox aka Nolan getting ready to turn 1 in October.






And this is Buster aka Scooter getting ready to turn 1.









Thank you John and Michael for sending me this update picture of Klaus aka Gage. Such a good looking boy at 2-1/2 years of age.38692649_1588744471230489_2042527450583269376_n












Thank you Mary for sending me an update picture of Tilly aka Abby.








Thank you Quincy for sending an update picture of Beyonce aka Carrie.  She is just lovely!







Thank you Morris family and Kirby aka Jasper for sharing your dinner time with us.  Beautiful family.




My, my Kendra look at that gorgeous big head on that boy Murphy aka Louie.  Thank you for the update picture.  This is one proud past momma here.






Thanks Tammy for the update picture of Bella aka Skeeter.  Looks to me like she is loving her chew toy.







Thank you Stephanie for the update picture of the boys, Chop aka Scooter and Knox aka Nolan.  Such handsome boys.










Thanks Nicole for the update picture of Noah who is now a college boy.  I guess he loves all the attention he gets from Nicole and his/Nicole’s room mates.  Go Hawks!






Just received this update picture of Sophia aka Sharla.  Her mom says that she had wanted a frenchie for quite awhile and when her husband passed away she felt it was time.  This little girl has brought so much happiness to her life.




Cory just sent an update picture of Penny aka Summer.  Cory says she’s livin the good life.  They love her to pieces.






Kathy just sent this update picture of Rosie aka Hiliary.  Kathy’s husband did not like the name Hiliary. Oops.  Kathy says Rosie goes to work with her husband daily.  Everyone at the shop just loves her.









Abby sent an update picture of Mabel aka Holly.  Look at those dreamy eyes.  Just beautiful!




image1 (12)




Amber sent an update picture of Murphy aka Dewey.  Look at that gorgeous face.



Heather just sent this update picture of Rocco aka Sawyer.  He is 4 months old now.  Rocco is a joy to have, he is getting along really well and he is very happy-go-lucky.   Thank you Heather for the update picture.






Jordan sent this update picture of Mabel aka Dora.  Jordan thinks Mabel is just perfect.  Thank you Jordan for this update picture of Mabel.








Libby sent this update picture of Quenneville aka Darla.  Libby says they love her to pieces best dog ever.






Thank you Holly Ann for the update picture of Tank and her son.  Holly Ann tells me that her son and Tank are inseparable that they are buddies for life!  Holly Ann says Tank is the best dog ever!






Just received this update picture of Linus aka Max from Darla.  Darla writes that Linus brings her family so much love and joy, especially to her daughter, Bailey. He loves everybody. he also loves to splash in the water at the lake.  Thank you Darla for the update picture of Linus, he is such a handsome boy.




thumbnail_IMG_0467Just received this update picture of Rex aka Murphy.  Tracie says he has brought so much joy to their family and he loves everybody.  Thank you Tacie for the update picture.







33778995_10156761402459869_3911538948257611776_nThank you Nicole for this gorgeous update picture of Otis aka Max.  Nicole says Otis is the love her of life.  She also says the she is nothing but chopped liver when her fiance comes around, Otis adores him.





IMG_6197This is Gimlin aka Scottie.  Thank you Emma for sharing this update picture of Gimlin.  Emma says Gimlin vocally tells them when he has to go potty and she also says he quite the cuddle bug.








This was a favorite picture of mine. Manny and Guiness on a daily basis.  Just another day of Guiness getting his daily lovin.





Bobby (aka Rosco)