Our Frenchie Girls

Bunny: 56050EF8-36F7-4A55-8174-AD7E7057523A

Bunny is a cream with black points on her face.  She has the best personality and is a great momma!  She has gorgeous babies.  I just love this girl.

Nikki:     D57757E4-9FEA-46CC-BFD2-C50E992486C6


Shady is a beautiful blue frenchie with no brindling and no white on her chest.  She has such a wonderful personality and a great momma.



Sierra is a reddish blue fawn with blue mask.  She also has a nice big square head and a nice nose rope.  She is as sweet as they come.  Love this girl!💕

Molly B:

Molly B is a beautiful red blue fawn frenchie girl who is on the smaller.  She has a wonderful personality.  Love this baby girl!

Daisy: D4FB8769-670C-40C8-B0B0-A1EC910D7C3D

Daisy what can I say about this girl.  She has a heart of gold.  Daisy is very quiet, sweet and loving.  She is an excellent mom.  Beautiful head, love her eye expression.  Nice quality.

Star:  IMG_5508 (2)

Star is a blue brindle girl with a heart of gold.  She is a very good momma.

Nanna:  IMG_5279

Nanna is a real sweetheart.  She is a fawn girl with a black mask. Beautiful eyes.


Pearl is a cream girl that carries blue.   Very nice big head.  She is a very good momma.

Darby:    IMG_0361 (1)

This is my little 17 pound bundle of Joy.  She loves her momma and wants to be with me at all times.  She is also a very good momma and takes great care of her babies. So proud of this girl, she is the daughter of my first frenchie male, Rocket, who will always have first place in my heart.