Our Frenchie Girls

Bunny: 56050EF8-36F7-4A55-8174-AD7E7057523A

Bunny is a cream with black points on her face.  She has the best personality and is a great momma!  She has gorgeous babies.  I just love this girl.

Nikki:     D57757E4-9FEA-46CC-BFD2-C50E992486C6



Sierra is a reddish blue fawn with blue mask.  She also has a nice big square head and a nice nose rope.  She is as sweet as they come.  Love this girl!💕

Molly B:

Molly B is a beautiful red blue fawn frenchie girl who is on the smaller.  She has a wonderful personality.  Love this baby girl!

Daisy: D4FB8769-670C-40C8-B0B0-A1EC910D7C3D

Daisy what can I say about this girl.  She has a heart of gold.  Daisy is very quiet, sweet and loving.  She is an excellent mom.  Beautiful head, love her eye expression.  Nice quality.

Rosie:  Brie


Pearl is a cream girl that carries blue.   Very nice big head.  She is a very loving momma.